Bridgerton reaches 63 million households, claims Netflix

Bridgerton reaches 63 million households, claims Netflix

Mrs. Wesleydon has her main address for tomorrow. If TVs and iPads were present during the Regency period, that means.

Netflix tweeted that Monday evening Bridgerton – It is expected to be adapted from Julia Quinn’s best-selling novels, created for television by Chris Van Dawson and executive production by Shondaland Shonda Rhimes – by more than 63 million households * in the first four weeks of its release. If true, it would have made a sumptuous and rrrribald! Historical drama, the fifth-biggest * Netflix original series to date (behind the magician Season 1, Weird things Season 3, Stealing money Part 4f King tiger).

A couple fit in with 44 million families expected to sample Robert Rodriguez We can be heroes Movie (That just got a sequel ordered), And Netflix claims (without independent verification, note) « the biggest viewing week between Christmas and New Year ever. »

*The numbers Netflix reports are based on subscribers who watched a clip of content for at least 2 minutes.

The indisputable critical success and merit of pop culture Bridgerton, Which debuted eight episodes on Christmas Day, comes on the heels of Netflix’s announcement of critical checkmate with its critically acclaimed release, Queen’s gambit, Which was sampled by 62 million households in its first 28 days – making it the « largest limited text chain to date. »

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