Why do « Bachelor » contestants end up wearing the same dresses?

Why do « Bachelor » contestants end up wearing the same dresses?

On The premiere of the movie « The Bachelor » Monday night, Two contestants appeared to interview Matt James in Season 25 He wears the exact same red dress But maybe it wasn’t a coincidence.

Franchise Alum Demi Burnett, who made her debut in Colton Underwood’s season of « The Bachelor » in 2019, recently opened up on how the show’s producers convince contestants of episodic twin moments.

“It’s my season, Heather [Martin] And this girl, Laura, they were wearing the same dress, « the 25-year-old explained on Us Weekly’s Podcast Here for the Right Reasons.

« The producers tell you which dresses they think you should wear, so maybe they wanted to make something exciting. »

Alana Milne and Anna Redman
Alana Milne and Anna Redman wore the same $ 269 dress on The Bachelor.

But this scheme can backfire. Heather and Girl Laura looked at each other and said, “Oh my God, we’re wearing the same dress, that’s cool! “They’re like, ‘You look great in it,’” Burnett continued.

« So, it wasn’t a big deal and I feel this is what happened this time as well. »

During the Monday premiere, Alana Milne and Anna Redman begin their quest to wear love Nookie « Viva » dress ($ 269), which features a body-fit fit, convertible straps, and a mermaid silhouette.

Demi Burnett
Demi Burnett
Getty Images

Burnett described packing the luggage for her season in « The Bachelor » as a « nightmare. »

She said, « Well, I was poor before, I didn’t have any money. » « So I spent my last paycheck and just bought a bunch of dresses for sale at Dillard’s. This is where I got all the bodice and cocktail dresses and swimsuits and things like that. »

Burnett’s parents shared one special look.

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“For my dress the first night, I was talking to my parents and I was like, ‘I really need a good dress for this. This is a great moment. She remembered, « Okay, we’ll buy one dress your night. »

My parents bought me 1 dress. I guarantee that the parents of these girls bought all of their dresses. « 

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