Nier: Automata’s latest secret is found, over 3 years later

Nier: Automata’s latest secret is found, over 3 years later

The final secret is in Yoke: Automata Discovered, allowing you to jump straight to the last moments of the game.

The code can only be used after defeating the chief premier, Marx. After talking to the 9S, you’ll need to place the 2B between two sets of barrels in the empty President’s room. While holding down R2 on the controller, you’ll need to press up, down, up, right, left, left, square, circle, triangle, and cross – in that order. You’ll need to keep 2B between the two barrels, but you can pause the game and use a cheat code to help you do that.

After doing that, the game will move to a post-credits scene, as well as unlocking the chapter selection feature and some correction features. Opening these features usually requires scanning several Langerhans Endings, so this is a good time saver if you only want to replay certain parts of the game. However, it is not recommended if you haven’t played the game yet.

The code was found by modder Lance MacDonald, Who discovered the code while reverse engineering a game. While he was usually focused on unlocking in-game developer tools, he found a series of code that wasn’t familiar to him. Once everything was deciphered, he found this last secret. McDonald’s discovered other secrets in more games, such as PT

Yoke: AutomataManager Yoko Taro on Twitter acknowledged the final result Langerhans Secret, using fairly condensed expressions to show how he felt about how long it took to discover the secret.

One Twitter user He also pointed out that this cheat code also appears in Bayonetta 2Another game from Platinum Games.

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