Fortnite pro’s YouTube broadcast shut down immediately after Twitch was banned

Fortnite pro’s YouTube broadcast shut down immediately after Twitch was banned

Leon Khanada Khem, a competitive Fortnite player who recently joined Built By Gamers, saw his first YouTube broadcast shut down immediately after a previous TSM pro was looking for a new streaming platform after his Twitch account was banned.

Khanada is out of options when it comes to which platforms he can live stream on. A high profile new recruiter at Built By Gamers made a lot of hype about the first YouTube broadcast, as he also announced that he would join the organization.

With more than 144,000 subscribers on YouTube, there were sure to be loads of viewers watching, except for the fact that the broadcast was barely shutting down for 25 minutes or so, inexplicably.

“Brother, I was just banned for nothing,” Khanada tweeted. « Everyone hates me. I might be the most unlucky person touching the broadcast. Anyway, thanks to everyone who has attended the broadcast, it means a lot. I will try to fix this as soon as possible and let you know when the next broadcast is. [is]. « 

Khanada – Twitter

There was a lot of hype surrounding the first YouTube broadcast of Smackdown.

At this point, it is not clear exactly what caused the issue that caused YouTube to turn off the stream. When they try to click on any links that lead to them, users now receive a message that says, « This video has been removed for violating YouTube Community Guidelines ».

What makes things even more confusing is that it appears that this is the only content on the YouTube page of Khanada that has been removed; Dozens of other videos he posted over the past two years are still on the page, along with his verification status.

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« I missed the broadcast so much to get it snatched from my hand, » Khayem added on Twitter after appealing to YouTube’s gaming chief, Ryan Voyes-White.

Designed by players

Khanada is the latest popular recruiter for Built By Gamers.

What the Fortnite player is also referring to in this recent tweet is the fact that his attempt to broadcast on YouTube not only succeeded, but he was also banned from broadcasting on Twitch as well.

Back in September, the former TSM man was subjected to an indefinite suspension, and after a lengthy appeals process, he revealed that Twitch had not budged from his original decision, stating that they « do not unblock accounts due to this level of abuse. »

The « abuse » they cited stems from the original reason for the comment; The platform believed that Khanada was « making threats », despite his claims that it was just plain talk inside the game, and nothing he has done so far has been able to convince them otherwise.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on this situation as more information becomes available so be sure to check back here regularly for updates.

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