Channel 4 shows its first title from The Queen

Channel 4 shows its first title from The Queen

It « A strong reminder that we no longer trust our eyes,A representative for Channel 4 UK said Watchman. Every year, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) broadcasts a special Christmas address to the nation from Queen Elizabeth II. But it’s 2020 and that means everything must be very strange. Therefore, Channel 4 took the moment to broadcast it Especially deep A copy of the Queen’s Day message.

It is played by the actress Debra Stephenson, Deep FakingThe Queen began her speech Thanks to Channel 4 for giving it the opportunity to speak from the heart. She then proceeds to make cracks around Harry and Mega Departure British The royal family and Health workers take their lives into their own hands to cure Prime Minister Boris Johnson. she is too He takes an imprecise digging into Prince Andrew’s Link With th Gay children of deceased Geoffrey Epstein.

If you have poor eyesight and Limited hearing, may ProbablyFooled by the fake queen on a busy Christmas day. But by the time you start talking about Netflix and go into a dance routine, you’ll know for sure that something has happened. Channel 4 takes little effort to hide its deception, but that hasn’t stopped some critics from voicing their discomfort with the trick.

« We have to be really careful to make people believe that they cannot believe what they see, » Sam Gregory Program director for the human rights organization WITNESS, he told the Guardian. « If you haven’t seen it before, it might make you think that deepfakes are a more common problem than it is. ”

Deepfakes technology uses machine learning to analyze a group of images and produce a video Approximation to what would look like if I said, Office space He starred in the cast The matrix. But this technology requires a great deal of processing power and technical nuances on the part of a content creator for foofor anyone. Earlier this year, South Park creators A. Deepfake web series Which included fake photos of Mark Zuckerberg and Jared Kushner. Even with the resources and talent available to the hosts of the most successful TV series of all time, the deepfakes were still pretty bizarre.

But the way to fake it gets more convincing And easy for beginners to withdraw. If the deep fake isn’t It proves to be a dangerous source of danger False information, they’ll at least let Channel 4 get its annual Christmas address from The Queen for years to come.

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