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Random: Edge Magazine Sparks an ‘Exclusive World’

Random: Edge Magazine Sparks an 'Exclusive World'
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Update 2 [Sat 2nd Jan, 2021 04:45 GMT]: Expected number of Edge Spotlighting Hollow Knight: SilkSong It is available now.

After more than a day Reset He shared some highlights. Unfortunately, there is no release date yet so keep an eye on that in the future. There are some other interesting details out there, though.

– The next Team Cherry game will not be associated with Hollow Knight
Team Cherry as Castlevania Lords of Shadow!
Hornet will have the ability to perform tasks for the NPC, and keep track of the tasks you’ve accomplished with notes panels about Pharloom.
Not to replace organic mission lines from First Hollow Knight.
– Instead of rescuing Grub’s from the jars, she now rescues fleas, which get into tiny scraps.
– Hornet logos are fully customizable, and can easily be changed to reflect your playing style.
– Trying to create a game that new players can access, but that also matches the difficulty of the original game.
– « Tricks » such as Sting Shards, Pimpillo Bombs, and straight pins on benches can be made from pieces collected from defeated enemies.
– The aim of the game is to climb to the castle, but there will be « many other lands »
– Return of Hollow Knight composer Christopher Larkin
– Start the game after losing a lot of your powers
– PC switch only upon launch, release date will be announced.

Team Cherry also noticed how Hornet is generally more acrobatic (Via GamesRadar):

« Hornets can travel much faster, they can jump higher, they can wear a cloak or climb on ledges, they are generally more acrobatic. So the caves have to expand around them to match their height. »

And the enemies in the new entry are more complex than the enemies in Hollow Knight, too:

« The characters in this game, they’re kind of one step further, where it doesn’t seem appropriate for them to be that simple. Like, they must have amazing ways to chase you, keep up with you, or evade your attacks. »

Update [Thu 24th Dec, 2020]: The prediction was correct!

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Original story [Mon 14th Dec, 2020 04:15 GMT]: The Edge Online Twitter account I recently shared a tweet about the upcoming issue of the magazine (released December 31st) and posted it Hollow Knight The fans are absolutely mad.

As you can see in the reply tweet below – the image shown is believed to be a close-up of Hornet. This character, in case you didn’t know, is the star of the upcoming Hollow Knight installment. Hollow Knight: SilkSong.

Edge editor Jane Simpkins added to this, telling her followersGate … hype« For this » exclusive world « – which Hollow Knight fans have noticed, he is Choose interesting words. She has also responded to a number of tweets mentioning Hornet and Horolo Knight, and even told some of my followers that theyvery soon« .

The last time the Cherry team provided an update on Silksong was Earlier this year When he said that the game will start when it is ready. Do you think Hollow Knight fans are up to something? Tell us below.

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