New Year’s Eve party goers breaking the curfew attack the French police

New Year’s Eve party goers breaking the curfew attack the French police

PARIS (The Associated Press) – At a New Year’s Eve underground party, the depositaries attacked the curfew that drew at least 2,500 people in western France, police sent to close it, set one of their cars on fire and hit officers with a hail of bottles and stones, he said. Friday officials.

Crane vehicles aboard hundreds of vehicles began gathering at hangars in Leuron, Brittany, Thursday night to celebrate the New Year, the regional government said Friday in a statement.

Police and their cars were attacked when they tried to prevent the cranes from installing the party equipment, she said.

The statement said that some officers sustained minor injuries. She added that 2,500 passengers from France and abroad were still celebrating Friday morning, amid the intense police presence. First aid workers have been distributing masks and hand gel in an effort to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

Prosecutors are looking into a range of potential criminal charges. The ceremony was also held despite a curfew in France from 8 pm-6 am which aims to dissuade public gatherings during the pandemic.


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