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Monique Samuels shares whether she feels Andy Cohen is taking Candias Dillard’s side during her ‘RHOP’ encounter

Andy Cohen and Monique Samuels

Monique Samuels Don’t blame Andy Cohen for getting out RHOP. While social media users criticize Cohen She appears alongside Candiace Dillard In the fight between her and the Samuels, the Samuels don’t share the same feelings.

Andy Cohen and Monique Samuels
Andy Cohen & Monique Samuels | Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

Andy Cohen A.ccuses Monique Samuels from being « cut and dry » oWe see Fight with Candias Dillard

During the second and third parts of the encounter, Cohen questioned Samuel and Dillard about what had led to a quarrel between them. Each woman was allowed to tell her own version of events.

In one clip, Samuels accuses Dillard of initiating physical contact by placing her hand in Samuel’s face. Cohen denies this happened despite a clip from the production supporting Samuels’ account.

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Cohen also accused Samuels of lacking affection for the incident, telling her, « You’re a really dry matter about the whole thing, » Cohen said. « Here we go. You’ve been thinking about this meeting for a year. You’re coming face to face with her for the first time in a year. I think it’s weird that you’re not very emotional about it. »

Additionally, Cohen was not pleased with Samuels’ release of her rap song « Drag Queens », which refers to her fight with Dillard. Samuels defended her release of the song, explaining that it was part of her healing process. Cohen believes he sheds light on the situation and adds to Dillard’s shock.

Monique Samuels says Andy Cohen did his job, and she has no problems with Cohen, but she wishes Dillard was also more responsible.

Social media users accused Cohen of bias in his line of questioning against Samuels. They didn’t particularly like him referring to Samuels as unemotional and sober in retelling of events.

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Other media also shared the same sentiments. During an interview with It’s all about tea, Samuels came to Cohen’s defense, saying that he simply did his job but admitted that she wished Dillard was on the same level.

« I think he did what he felt was supposed to do, he didn’t want people to think it was in any way or off the hook and he had to go in, » she said. « I would have appreciated it if that same energy were directed the other way for people who needed the same degree of treatment. »

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Samuels also explains that despite her exit from the show and issues with adjusting production outside of parts of the reunion, she says, she has implicated her classmates in a plot to destroy her family, she doesn’t blame Cohen. She still holds Cohen with great respect.

« I never had a problem with Andy, » Monique said. « We text him, he loves T’Challa, I sent him a bunch of baby gifts, I got him my holiday gift and I texted him and thanked him for that. So we have no problems. »

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