Instagram has dropped the ball again in the ‘top nine’ review feature

Instagram has dropped the ball again in the ‘top nine’ review feature

It’s New Year’s Eve, which means your Instagram feed – if it’s like me – is probably full of people posting  »The top nine« One of their most liked photos this year. But bafflingly, for another year, everyone will be turning to superficial-looking third-party apps and sites to create. Because again, Instagram has failed to offer an official and automatic way to take care of photos within the app. »

As someone who personally enjoys using the nine best formats for a look at a year of good baked photos, I was left in awe over this. Users seem Love Assemble your collages for a look at last year of posts. Instagram has already introduced network tools to post photos to your story in various layouts. And lo and behold Certainly He has access to the data.

Just look at the popularity Spotify’s Wrapped in Review feature, Which dominated the month of December as users viewed the most streamed songs, genres, and stats. Instagram should be aware of the trend – Instagram stories are one of the most popular places users review their taste for music.

Additionally, Instagram is owned by Facebook, the company that has pioneered automated videos that are reviewed year-round. Facebook uses the power of algorithms for instant aggregation (Albeit frustrating at times) Annual videos and highlights of « Friendship Anniversary ». Letting users create and share the top nine posts seems a no-brainer. But 2020 passes by without the slightest hint of the idea.

Instead, users are left with third-party services, dozens of which rise in the app store charts every year. These services often ask users to miss personal information such as their email addresses or insist that photos be pasted with ugly watermarks or logos.

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It’s easy to imagine how Instagram could simplify this process and even fix some pain points in most third-party options, like not being able to create the top nine private account networks.

However, it looks like 2020 will end with Instagram dropping the ball on this seemingly obvious feature. I think there is always 2021.

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