Biden says workers « deserve » the $ 15 minimum wage

Biden says workers « deserve » the $ 15 minimum wage

President-elect Joe Biden said Friday he wants federalism lifted Less paid To help strengthen the United States Economic growth And raise family incomes.

The new president said no American worker should work 40 hours a week and still live below the poverty line, adding that these people are « entitled » to at least $ 15 an hour.

“I also hope that the Democrats’ takeover of the House and Senate increases the odds for swift action on raising the minimum wage. I have long said that we need to reward work, not just wealth, in this country, ”Biden said in a national address on Friday. People in both parties now that it is time to raise the minimum wage so that hard-working people earn at least $ 15 an hour. « 

Currently, the federal minimum wage is $ 7.25, which it was more than a decade ago.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris reiterated during the same event on Friday that the administration intends to fight for an upper minimum wage.

The minimum wage in these states is set to increase in 2021

Boston Mayor Marty Feldstein has been nominated for the position of US Labor Secretary, although Biden said he gave « serious consideration » to the candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders, the first, for the position.

However, the president-elect said the two agreed that ensuring democratic control of the Senate was a greater priority.

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Biden said he and Sanders would « work together » on a « common agenda » to increase labor power.

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Biden indicated that the economic relief plan in the near term will focus on small businesses, in addition to obtaining $ 2,000 incentive checks for eligible families.

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