Beyoncé shares video of twins Sir and Rumi

Beyoncé shares video of twins Sir and Rumi

« Give yourself permission to experience joy. »

Beyoncé gave us a very rare insight into her family life – including her 3-year-old twins, Sir and Rumi.

To celebrate the New Year, Queen Bey posted a four-minute roundup of 2020 on her IGTV, writing, « 2020 We are divided and alone. Most of us have not been able to see our loved ones and felt many losses, but we are alone with our humanity. »

In the « Savage Remix » portion of the video, Rumi is seen holding the words « lil bop » cute to « If you don’t jump to put on jeans, baby, you won’t feel my pain. »

Then Bai Rumi asks, « How do you feel about summer this year? Do you have a good summer? » – the one with a beautiful smile.

Beyoncé / Via

This sir is sitting in Beyoncé’s lap.

Maybe that is a very clear point, but heavenly, Rumi looks a lot like Jay-Z and Bai.

There are also very cool shots of Blue Ivy recording her part of « Brown Skin Girl » – you know, that made her one of the Youngest Grammy Award nominee ever.

The video ends with a message to « Give yourself permission to experience joy. The moments with those you love are precious. »

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